• How do I subscribe my child to your program?

  • Do you accept payment through PayPal or major credit, debit card?

    • Yes we do accept Payment through PayPal, debit, credit card & even bank payment.
  • I want to make a Donations what should I do?

    • That is a noble thought, please go to Payment and Donations Page or click here… 
  • How do I know what Events that are scheduled?

    • You can visit our website regularly to know about latest Events, Schedules and even direction help. You can also subscribe to a specific event or all the events by visiting Calendar Page, to subscribe to specific event click the date of specific event and click copy to my calendar to put it on your calendar for reminder.
    • To Subscribe to entire calendar click on Google Calendar button on bottom right and add calendar to your calendar.
    • You can also see upcoming Events on the right sidebar, for more details click more details link and to browse through all the events click next button to see previous events click back button.
    • On the day of event you will be able to see Today’s Event & Directions which is located on the bottom right corner of the website.
  • How do I know the direction of the Event?

    • We have made your life easier, you can now click more details link on the Calendar, or on upcoming events & Directions section or on Today’s Event and directions section.
    • Now you can use any Smartphone (on the go) or any Tablet or computer and click the (map) link on Calendar,  or on Events & Directions section and it will load Google Maps, put your from address or current location and you have driving directions to your Event…Happy driving!


  • I am interested in Volunteering?

    •  We always are looking for volunteers, please call us (845)493-4MSC (672) or using smartphone press the click to call button from your smartphone.
  • I have gone through all the FAQs, but still have some questions what do I do?

    • Please call us (845)493-4MSC (672) or press the click to call button using any smartphone or send an email.




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