Recreational Soccer

Updated: December 1, 2014

Rec. Soccer Guidelines:

U6: Kindergarten & some 1st Grade

U8: 1st & 2nd Grade

U10 –U12: 3rd , 4th  & 5th Grade

  U6 U8 U10 – U13
Players on Field 5 v 5 6 v 6 9 v 9
Maximum Roster Size 8 9 12
Game Length  Quarters Four quarters of 8 min each
Four quarters of 10 min each Four quarters of 12 min each
Ball Size 3 4 4
Goal Size feet (W X H) 6 x 4 6 x 12 21 x 7
Field Size  (yards) 30 x 25 40 x 30 70 x 40
Goalie No Yes Yes
Referee Coach/Parent Coach/Referee Referee
Offside No No Yes
Substitutions At any stoppage Unlimited At any stoppage Unlimited At any stoppage Unlimited
Playing Time At least 50% At least 50% At least 50%
Practice 20 min before the game on Saturday 20 min before the game on Saturday 20 min before the game on Saturday


Recreational soccer is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high level competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life long love of the game.

Recreational Soccer program is for boys and girls of all skill levels ages 4-13 who want to play soccer for fun!

Our mission is to provide a high quality recreational soccer program for Marlboro, Milton and the surrounding communities.

Our goal is to have fun while introducing children to the sport of soccer as well as to the concepts of teamwork, competition and sport.

The games are played on Saturdays from 9AM to 3PM. The recreational program is structured so that the first 20 min is used for practice that focuses on soccer skill development through drills. The remaining time, players will play games, consisting of 4 quarters.

Recreational soccer runs twice each year in the fall (from September thru October) and spring (from April thru June)

U6 Guidelines

U8 Guidelines

U10/12 Guidelines

Coaching Material

Coaching Manual

Recreational League

Marlboro United Soccer Club would like to thank EVERYONE, our coaches,

referees, players, parents, families, and our friends at the School District

and the Town Park for a VERY successful recreational soccer season.

Please check back soon, for updates on Winter Training, Recreational

soccer, and possibly Summer Soccer training.

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